Good News

Truckee Tahoe Airport District Agrees to Subsidize Workforce Housing – Truckee Tahoe Airport District’s Board of Directors voted to approve an agreement to subsidize twenty-two new workforce housing units with below-market rent.  (Moonshine Ink, News Briefs, 7/13/2017)

Housing Crisis Hurting North Lake Tahoe – Meeting coverage of the Mountain Housing Council Think Tank Meeting held October 2017, by KTVN Channel 2 News.
The View from Here: Place and Privilege – Beneath the Surface of Tahoe – Local reporter Amy Westervelt hosts the fifth episode of The View from Here, Place and Privilege podcast about regional workers struggle to secure housing while many Tahoe – Truckee vacation homes sit vacant. Stacy Caldwell, Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation CEO, introduces the Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee. (Capital Public Radio, 8/29/2017)
Insights with Beth Ruyak – Tahoe Housing Crunch Hits Working Families – Beth Ruyak interviews MHC partners North Tahoe Family Resource Center, Tahoe Prosperity Center, and Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation about the dynamics of second home ownership, a tourist economy, and collaborative solutions to our local housing crisis. (Capital Public Radio, 8/29/2017)
The View from Here: Place and Privilege – What Does Privilege Have to do with It? Insight host Beth Ruyak introduces The View from Here: Place and Privilege, a multimedia project exploring the housing crisis in Sacramento. This project includes the housing crisis in Tahoe – Truckee. (Capital Public Radio, 8/15/2017)
Housing Crisis Hits Deep in Nevada County – Following one family in Nevada County, we see how county gap in affordable housing means that one personal setback can lead to homelessness. (Sierra Sun, 8/15/2017)
Placer County is Taking Action on Workforce Housing – Jennifer Montgomery speaks to Placer County’s steps towards creating more housing, including participation in the MHC. She announces the regional map of public lands potentially available for workforce housing. (Moonshine Ink, 8/10/2017)
Back of the House in Dire Straits – Moonshine Ink interviews local restaurant owners to share how a “Staffing shortage plagues North Tahoe/Truckee’s kitchens” (Ally Gravina, 7/13/2017)
Leaders Announce Formation of Mountain Housing Council (Sierra Sun, Amanda Rhoades, 5/4/2017)
Housing Crisis: The Missing Middle – Housing tales from the middle class. (Moonshine Ink and Amy Westervelt, 10/14/2016).
Housing Crisis: Little Boxes on the Hillside – Moonshine Ink rounds up major development projects and their associated affordable housing requirements to see where they stand now. (Moonshine Ink, 8/12/2016)
TTCF Announces a Housing Solutions Fund – What happens after the study? Partners focus on solutions. (TTCF in Sierra Sun, 7/7/2016)
Housing Crisis: Housing  Solutions – Making the Pieces Fit (Moonshine Ink, 5/13/2016)
Regional Housing Study Reveals Sobering Statistics – A glimpse into the survey results of 1700 workforce participants. (TTCF in Sierra Sun, 4/11/2016)
Housing Crisis: The Tip of What Could Be – If the local housing crisis isn’t fixed, severe consequences could occur. (Moonshine Ink, 4/8/2016)
Where have all the Employees Gone? – Is the housing crisis making it difficult to keep a high-quality employees at our local businesses? (Moonshine Ink, 3/11/2016)
Housing Crisis: Tahoe Housing History – How has the history of housing and development shaped Lake Tahoe, and how has it contributed to our current housing crisis? (Moonshine Ink, 3/11/2016)
Housing Crisis: Out of Reach – Tahoe’s housing tales show the severity of the region’s housing crisis.  (Moonshine Ink, 2/11/2016)
Regional Housing Study Announcement – Regional organizations partner to implement a regional housing study. (TTCF in Sierra Sun, 12/9/2015)