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All of the following teams are working hard to accelerate solutions to local housing. Click on a link to learn about the efforts going on. Want to join a work group? Contact Emily at TTCF.

Council Meetings

Tiger Team Meetings

Mapping Local Agency Owned Land Team

Innovative Policy Agenda Team

Regional Fee Team

Capital Attractors Team

Short Term Rentals Team

Ad Hoc Work Groups

Targets + Achievable Income Levels

Regional Housing Programs

Supportive Housing

Community Meetings

Agendas, minutes and other materials for the Mountain Housing Council.


#1 June 9, 2017

Summary Notes

 #2 September 15, 2017

Summary Notes
Impact Placemat

#3 January 12, 2018

Video Replay of Meeting
Summary Notes
Impact Placemat
Regional Action Plan

#4 April 12, 2018

Summary Notes
Impact Placemat

#5 June 9, 2018

Year 1 Work Summary
Regional Project Pipeline as of 6.4.18
Video Replay of Meeting
Summary Notes
There will be no Impact Placemat created for this meeting.



A Tiger Team is a work group meant to tackle longer-term specific topics within the greater housing issues of the region.

Tiger Team 1: Mapping Local Agency Owned Land

Tiger Team 2: Innovative Policy Agenda Team

Tiger Team 3: Regional Fee Team

Tiger Team 4: Capital Attractors

Tiger Team 5: Short Term Rentals


(Short-term teams that work on specific tasks.)

Ad Hoc Work Group: Targets + Achievable Income Levels (In Progress – coming soon)

Ad Hoc Work Group: Regional Housing Programs (In Progress- coming soon)

Ad Hoc Work Group: Supportive Housing


Recent Posts

Housing Costs 101

Ask 10 people what drives housing costs out of reach of many families and you will likely get 10 different answers.

KQUED recently published a more in-depth look at what is driving California’s housing prices, highlighting five main drivers of the Golden State’s sky-high real estate valuations.

The article is enlightening because it shows the complex array of issues housing advocates face as they work to make more of the state’s housing stock attainable to local families.

The Mountain Housing Council is deeply involved in confronting these challenges. From advocating for more streamlined permit processes to encouraging secondary units as a way to bolster housing supply, we know that many simultaneous efforts, not one single solution, is the key to addressing the housing crisis we face.

Read the KQUED article here, and stay tuned for Mountain Housing Council’s policy recommendations and other innovative solutions to make housing accessible to local families and workers.


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