Ski Area Solutions for Housing: Tiny Homes Campground Project

Housing Inspiration Webinar #1

Aspen Ski Company’s Philip Jeffreys presented on an innovative project with 40 tiny homes in a campground housing 102 seasonal employees at a November webinar.

Jeffreys detailed the thought housing issues that Aspen is facing, the thought process they went through in addressing employee housing, the hurtles, challenges and solutions. Roughly 30 attendees of the webinar, including Tahoe-Truckee ski area representatives, US Forest Service representatives, agency staff, elected officials and others tuned in live, asking questions addressed by Jeffreys at the end of the presentation.

Watch a video replay of the webinar here:

Click here for a background video on the project.

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Employer Solutions Think Tank Recap

The Mountain Housing Council of Tahoe Truckee hosted an Employer Solutions Think Tank on October 25, 2017 bringing together speakers and members of the public to discuss ways businesses and agencies can help address the region’s housing issues.

Mountain Housing Council Think Tank Oct. 25, 2017 from TTCTV on Vimeo.

Click here to see the introduction presentation.

Donald Terry, Director of Real Estate Development for NeighborWorks Home Ownership Center, Sacramento Region, spoke about his organization. NeighborWorks helps in aquiring and building new housing, providing home ownership assistance, direct lending, rental assistance and securing capital investments.

Terry manages housing development, USDA Direct Loan Packaging program and multiple contacts within government agencies to administer housing funds.

Click here to see Donald Terry’s presentation on NeighborWorks.

Kay Hartman, Human Resource Manager for the Mammoth Community Water District, discussed the similar housing challenges faced by Mammoth Lakes. Their district, starting in 2001, began implementing solutions to provide housing for staff. Over the last decade, the district has purchased four condominiums that have helped foster and retain local staff. In addition, the district implemented an Employee Home Loan Assistance Program to help employees purchase homes in the community they serve, and established a van pool option for staff outside the area.

Click here to see Kay Hartman’s presentation on Mammoth Community Water District.

Jaime Wright, Executive Director of the Truckee North Tahoe Transit Management System, spoke about linking transit with housing and jobs throughout the region and implementing a van sharing service. RTC Vanpool is partnered with vRide, providing insured vehicles and maintenance costs while the participants share the cost of gas and the rolling 30-day vehicle lease. To learn more about the program, go to

Click here to see Jamie Wright’s presentation on North Tahoe Transit.

Channel 2 News covered the meeting – see their coverage here.